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The de-addiction centre in KIMS, Narketpally has been established in the year July 2003. The centre has 30 beds allocated especially for the addicts. The centre admits people from the vicinities of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and various parts of the country. The centre is under the supervision of the Department of Psychiatry round the clock.

The centre treats people who are having a habit of substance & Non-substance abuse such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Other drugs and etc. The people get admitted and stay here for a period of 2 months continuously. The centre provides them all the requirements including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Centre Professional gives psychotherapy & Counsellings daily.

After a period of rest in the afternoon, in the evening again the patients have brief counseling followed by a recreation of their own interest.

Mission & Vision of the Centre

To provide the comprehensive, cost-effective, holistic, evidence-based medical treatment to all kinds of drug dependence (alcohol, tobacco & other drugs) and enhance the social coherence of Drug-free society.

It is a 30-bedded Inpatient Drug De-addiction Centre (DDTC) only for voluntary and highly motivated males who wish to quit their chronic drug dependence in a supervised, controlled, 60 days Program under In-patient services of Department of Psychiatry.

Journey So far

Around 3900 people had received treatment so far in our DDTC over 16 years.

Treatment Modules provided at the Centre

Treating a substance-addicted person in virtually rebuilding the person, both body & mind. The treatment is a 60 days residential, multidisciplinary, collaborative program involving an experienced team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physicians, Counselors, Social Workers, and Nursing Staff.

Amount of fee charged for 60 day program:Rs. 12500/-

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